4 Unexpected Benefits of Smiling and Laughing

Published on February 22, 2017 | Dental Tips

Whether you picked a fight with your partner last night, woke up on the wrong side of the bed or have an urgent project that was due yesterday, it can be hard to plaster a smile when you have so much on your plate.

But, have you ever noticed that when you frown, people seem to avoid you and when you smile they always come your way? Our theory is that if the eyes are the gateway to the soul, then our facial expressions can definitely say something about our heart. Emotions might originate in the brain, but every muscle in the face has the power to reinforce those feelings.

With that in mind, here is a list of amazing effects that smiling and laughing has on our life:

1. Lift Your Spirit

Whether you are a spiritual person or not, you might have learned that most of the time the interior mirrors the exterior and not the other way around. If you feel at peace inside, the world reflects that by sending you positive occurrences and people, whereas if you are torn, all sorts of challenges and bad repercussions arise.

But psychologists and other scientists have confirmed another fascinating truth: not only that our facial expressions communicate our current mood but also have the power to influence our state of mind. So by choosing to smile, your facial expressions command the rest of your body to follow.

2. Fake Smiling Can Also Do the Trick

We’re advocating real emotions, but behavioral studies agree: Forcing yourself to smile can prompt a bodily answer. Stare in the mirror for a couple of minutes while trying to relax the face and practicing your smile. You will notice how your previous emotion will transform, even if it’s a negative one. You can easily test this trick, especially for an emergency mood swing. You’ll be surprised by the results.

3. Appear More Approachable

When people see you for the first time, you may not know from the beginning that they want to come and talk to you. And neither do they. But whatever they’re noticing in those few first moments is what helps them decide. Smiling faces will always attract more people while tensed ones instinctively reject.

So whether on public transportation on your way to work, in a coffee shop sipping your latte or out for a night with your friends, don’t forget to enjoy the moment and relax your face.

4. Show You Can Be of Help

A 2004 Penn State University study revealed that genuine smiles shared by employees improved their overall impressions on customers. Authentic smiles have been translated into positive vibes that have ultimately made the client feel satisfied and perceive the service provider as being more competent.

Surveys aside, it’s common sense that working with a smile on your face is helping you and the ones around you to feel better. It’s not about having a grin stuck to your face; it’s more of expressing an authentic satisfaction in spending your time doing whatever it is that you’re doing.

By now, you should be aware of the fact that smiling transforms us and makes us feel good. But a beautiful smile should come with a healthy set of teeth that you’re willing to show to the world. In all honesty, few people with bad teeth are ever feeling completely free to open up their mouth and laugh as much as they’d like.

At Access Dental, we can help you restore any tooth damage and the confidence you’ve lost along the way. We are dedicated to giving you a healthy smile so that you can turn to being your cheerful self.

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