Access Dental & Mission

At Access Dental, we provide high-quality, affordable dental care to families and patients of all ages, in the communities we serve. Our focus is on delivering compassionate customer experiences and a nurturing workplace.  Our dental offices live a set of values that includes being accountable, choosing a positive attitude, seeking out opportunities to care for patients and each other, and having fun.  We believe that long-term relationships are the basis for maintaining the oral health of our patients, the engagement of our team members, and the ability to have a positive impact on our communities.

Our Vision

At Access Dental we believe in establishing long term relationships and ideal oral health by delivering quality dentistry that leads to satisfied patients with brighter smiles.

Our commitment is to provide a nurturing, safe and pleasant atmosphere that inspires continuous improvement through consistent support and feedback.

We promote trust and mutual respect which in turn attracts loyal, involved patients who demonstrate their commitment by assuming full responsibility of their care and referrals of family and friends.

Our unique dental centers accomplish our vision through teamwork, work ethics and genuine caring.

Our Teamwork

At Access Dental we have adopted the FISH! Philosophy to guide how we treat patients and each other, which is based on the following four principles:

  1. Be There: We are committed to listening to and acting on patient needs.
  2. Make someone’s Day: We strive to exceed expectations.
  3. Choose Your Attitude: We do our best to demonstrate positive attitudes.
  4. Play: We want to have fun with our patients, their families, and each other- even at the dentist office!

We appreciate the opportunity to be your dental health care provider, and we look forward to seeing you.

We make a difference in people’s lives!

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